25 Things I Learned When I Turned 25


By Aline Mardirian

Turning 25

Seeing as I just hit the big 2-5 and officially turned a quarter of a century old, I thought of collecting all the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained in my 25 years of life. While they certainly can’t fit on a single page, I’ve compiled the most relevant and important ones into an easy go-to list whenever I need reminding of some of my favorite lessons.

1.     It’s okay to take time for yourself; in fact it’s necessary.

2.     No one can invalidate your feelings and vice versa.

3.     Feel everything deeply, even if people see you as sensitive.

4.     Saying no is not a bad thing.

5.     Saying yes is not always a good thing.

6.     It’s okay if you haven’t found your passion or dream job yet.

7.     It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

8.     Never stop investing in yourself.

9.     Always keep an open mind.

10.  You parents will never stop giving you advice; take it or you’ll regret it.

11.  Make time for exercise; you’ll thank yourself later.

12.  The stories older people told you about moisturizing are all true; do it and do it often.

13.  So is everything they said about drinking water and wearing sunscreen.

14.  One cheat meal won’t kill you.

15.  An entire cheat life just might.

16.  Never be ashamed of liking something you’re friends don’t.

17.  Tough love is sometimes necessary; just don’t be too tough.

18.  The guy who didn’t text you won’t matter a few months from now.

19.  Life and responsibilities get in the way sometimes but a little effort goes a long way.

20.  Learn responsibility from your older friends and how to be a kid again from your younger ones.

21.  Take the time to read a good book no matter what it’s about.

22.  If someone gets annoyed by you expressing your feelings, they’re not your friend.

23.  People are loyal to who they want to be loyal to; you can’t force it.

24.  Find a few good friends and build a life with them.

25.  Spend your money on trips and experiences instead of objects with no sentimental value.


So here’s to the never-ending lessons and the mistakes we hopefully never repeat! What are your thoughts?