Burning Bridges Like Never Before


By Christine Mardirian

Burning Bridges

When it comes down to it, when it comes down to moving forward with your life, more often than not, the most advised course of action is to burn your bridges and never look back. They make it sound so easy though—cutting all ties from your past—as if it's just another thing you cross off your to-do list. But then again, maybe it really is as simple as it sounds.

Nobody really knows for sure, right?

We all have our own unique ways of dealing with certain circumstances, and while some would rather never look back, my approach is quite the opposite.

The way I see it, people come into your life for a reason.

You gravitate towards certain people at a certain point in your life because they are exactly what you need at that point in time and vice versa.

And that's what it's all about—learning from the people in your life; past, present, and future.

Just because you no longer spend time with the people you spent your university years with doesn't mean that they weren't good friends of yours; it just means that you've both utilized what you could have from your relationship, and moved on. That doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing though.

Sometimes you're friends with certain people because they have the ability to induce growth in a certain aspect of your life that no one else at the time possessed, and when you can't grow with them anymore, you grow out of them and into someone new.

Those friendships are based on the reality of finding someone who complements a part of you that, at the time, needed complementing, and because we're always changing and evolving, we constantly find ourselves face to face with new pieces that need complementing.

And that's what I think building your own bridges is about; however, instead of burning old bridges, why not recycle them, and use their leftovers to build our new bridges. That is how we ultimately move on though, isn't it? By taking the lessons we've learned from past experiences and using them as stepping stones to move forward.

And the cycle goes on and on. Few are the people who can keep inspiring you as you grow in and out of  yourself, and while you'd be lucky to have someone like that in your life, at the end of the day, the only person who's been by your side all along is yourself.

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