The Aura of Womanhood


By Lisange Gonzalez

I was born in 1998 and since I can remember, my parents always taught me to be proud of who I am. I can say that I always have been a feminist without a doubt. But, this week my mother asked me a question that would definitely leave me with an opinion to share.

Be good to people for no reason

My mother asked me "I see you moving the whole earth to get the best of your relationship. Can you really call yourself a feminist if you seek throughout heaven and earth the happiness of your man?" THIS really got me thinking. Can I really call myself a feminist if what she says its true?.

The term "feminism" has been everywhere lately, but what is it exactly? What does it mean? When I think of feminism, I think of girl power automatically and girl power to me is to embrace the aura of womanhood. Although the "aura" of womanhood is different for each women, there are some things that define womanhood in general and that is:

  • No matter what we face, we always maintain our strength, we stand tall and proud while never hesitating to make decisions that lead to peace.

  • We're not intimidated to be strong nor vulnerable.

  • We pursuit equality.

  • We are not trying to be something, we simply are.

  • We don't care for challenges, we embrace them.

 And to me, the most important one...

  • We are passionate.

We are passionate of who we are, of what we represent, what we want and of who we love (let that be whoever it is). A life without passion, it's not a life at all.

When I see myself in a mirror, I see a woman and as a woman I represent passion.

Lately feminism is focusing on independence and that is quite important, but, I am here to tell you that being in love does not make you not independent, being passionate about your partner doesn't make you weak, being a model doesn't mean you are not in the movement of "Girl Power.” Taking care of other people in need before you take care of yourself doesn't mean you lack self love. If you embrace your "womanhood aura" and you see yourself as an equal to your male friends, male companions, and male bosses, you are a feminist.

If you related to the dots above mentioning the general descriptions of the womanhood aura, be a hero and speak up. You have a story and it is meant for the world. Don't give up the fight, no fight is ever easy, we are just beginning, this is the start of something legendary. Be part of it and let's create history together. 

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