5 High-End Shoe Brands Every Woman Needs To Complete Her Closet



5 Best Shoe Brands

Maybe it’s backwards, but when I put an outfit together, I start from the bottom and work my way up. Shoes, pants, top, accessories. For me, finding the right pair of shoes is always the hardest part of creating a cohesive look. So why not, I eventually decided, get that step out of the way by picking out my shoes right away?

If you’re like me, you know that the right pair of shoes—whether they’re heels, boots, or sneakers—makes or breaks an outfit. With these five brands, which range from high-end to casual, you’ll never have to worry. Each brand has made a name for itself with its quirky, classic, and always-original design. From Camper to John Fluevog, you’ll always find sole mates to complement or inspire your OOTD.

1. Camper

Camper is my favorite, my tried and true. Founded by Lorenzo Fluxa in 1975, the Camper shoe brand is based out of Mallorca, Spain but has worldwide renown. Camper boasts a vast new collection of vibrant colors and out-of-the-box silhouettes with each iteration of their seasonal collections. Some of my favorite include the “Twins” collection which features a pair where each shoe is unique in its own way. The left shoe is slightly different, but also highly complementary, of the right. The nuances in the fabric, color, or design, as well as the incredible comfort of Camper make this my go-to. Not even exaggerating, I have three pairs of the “Kobo” square toe/block heel style, because not only is it incredibly comfort, it’s incredibly versatile. Other favorites include the “Alright” and “Kara” heel styles, both modern takes on the 70s disco boot heel.

2. Coclico

When I found out Emma Watson wore Coclico, I was immediately sold. This brand specializes in everything delicate and feminine. Although more expensive than Camper, any pair of shoes by Coclico is well worth the money. They use soft, supple leather, and incorporate modern, geometric patterning in their heel shapes. One of my favorite styles is the “Narwhal,” a vintage-inspired, 70s throwback heel. Simple and refined, yet also one of the most glamorous shoes in my closet, the “Narwhal” features a deep v-cut in pristine pink or purple leathers and a solid wood heel with eye-catching detailing.

3. Swedish Hasbeens

Swedish Hasbeens is anything but ordinary. Inspired by Anita, “the hottest mum all of Southern Sweden in the 1970s,” the Swedish clog maker specializes in all-things retro (seeing a pattern here?). Swedish Hasbeens was founded in 2006, and since then, it has become one of the most recognized clog makers in the world. They are known for creating handmade shoes that last a lifetime and look effortlessly chic in any pair of cropped jeans. Their eye is always turned to the fun and the whimsical, and each year, they create new spins on the classic “Husband” clog, including the “Grunge” boots, “Maria” sandals, and even flare jeans. These clogs are definitely an investment in money, but also time. The leather takes time and multiple wears to break in, but after a while, these babies will soften up and mold to your feet. As the creators of the Swedish Hasbeens say, “Happy toffels make happy people.”

4. John Fluevog

Each time I walk by a John Fluevog store, I have to stop, and inevitably infuriate my boyfriend who doesn’t understand why I am so enamored with this man and his shoes. John Fluevog is definitely not for everyone. But for the shoe-obsessed girls, Fluevog is your man. With roots in Vancouver, B.C., Fluevog started working at a shoe store before he turned his eye to designing his own shoes. One of his earliest designs was “The Pilgrim,” a shoe which looks exactly like it sounds. The design of the shoe was revolutionary, and completely in opposition to style of the time. His styles, even today, go against the grain. His heels are often curved backwards, his toes pointy, and his color palette vibrant. But that’s what makes his shoes so special and one of a kind. Each shoe comes with a little, humorous non-sequiter on the sole. Even Lady Gaga was spotted wearing “The Cubist Cupcake” pointy-heel cowboy inspired boot. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a shoe name like that?

5. Russell and Bromley

Perhaps the most toned-down and restrained of the list, Russell and Bromley is a quintessential British shoe brand. Founded in 1873, Russell and Bromley has always highlighted the muted British sensibility. Primarily known for their loafers, R&B comes out with a new collection every season—always simple, androgynous, and elegantly refined. You can find Russell and Bromley’s on almost any block of Oxford Street, the main shopping avenue of London. I will never forgetting visiting a couple summer’s back. I stopped by one of their stores while they were having a sale and walked out twenty minutes later wearing a beautiful pair of camel-colored heeled penny loafers. Charming and posh, these shoes help me channel my inner Brit each time I wear them.

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