7 Style Tips For Spring


By Elizabeth Brenner 

Spring styles are in full fling—some are good, some are bad—but here is everything you need to know to stay trendy this spring.

Crop Tops

Crop top, sunglasses, styles for spring

Crop tops are back—unfortunately. We’re not really fans here at girl friday. Personally, I think full length shirts or tunics are better for creating a slimmer look. Also, the continued cold weather is a deterrent for me when it comes to wearing a crop top in 40 degree weather. Those don't exactly mesh. However, you can combine another spring trend, plaid, to keep warm. By layering the crop top with a plaid shirt you can button the shirt up as high, or as low, as the temperature requires.

Mixing Metals

Credit: Jewelry Wise

Credit: Jewelry Wise

This is one of my favorite trends this spring. Mix your silver and your gold jewelry together. Wear a gold pendant with a silver necklace or change up your earrings. Silver and gold go with anything!

Pastel New Balances


Pastels are no longer just for Easter! You will be seeing these soft colors , specifically mint & green pastel, everywhere from Hot Topic to JC Penny. These colors often look good on any skin tone.

Collar necklaces

Peter Pan collar

Collar necklaces are a great addition to your wardrobe as they draw attention to you face and can help dress up even a plain Hanes tee. Depending on the necklace type and length you can even create the illusion of a Peter Pan collar.

nude lipstick

Nude lipstick

Nude doesn't have to mean washed-out beige. Instead find a lipstick color that matches your lips and go one shade lighter.

Holographic lip gloss

Holographic lip gloss

More specifically light holographic lipstick with glitter. Brands from Fenty to Huda to M.A.C. have all come out with these lip gloss or lip gloss toppers.



Sunglasses are THE accessory of the season (and every season, for that matter). If you’re in a mad dash in the morning and only have time to walk out your door with one thing—make it a cool, timeless pair of aviators.

Sunglasses are THE accessory of the season. If you walk out of your home with one thing it needs to be sunglasses. What's great about this trend is that sunglasses can be found everywhere and you don't have to spend a fortune to get the frames you want. Go for circular or aviators this season.

What are you spring style faves? Share them here, right now!