Flip the Switch on Your Negative Thoughts


By Rae Roach

Flip the switch on your negative thoughts

I've been there! The journey to not allowing negative thoughts to control you can be long and it is not usually a pleasant one! No one can promise you what it will be like for you because it is your journey and yours alone to take. I can tell you that once you make the commitment to yourself and have learned how to quiet the negative thoughts in your mind you will begin to enjoy a more purpose-filled life. There are many ways to achieve this but here are 5 sure fire ways to get you started on your journey to Flipping the Switch on Your Negative Thoughts!

1. Make the Decision

Make the decision to STOP the negative thought pattern. This is not a quick fix or band aid it will take work on your part. The mind does not know the difference between a lie or the truth. It only believes what you tell it…So make the decision to tell it something different.

2. Don’t Give In or Up!

Do NOT give up when it seems like it isn't working; remember your mind is powerful if you think it's not working then it isn’t. Your mind will look for validation of your thoughts so think positive even in the darkest hours, find that silver lining. This is what ‘flip the switch’ is about! To get rid of the negative you must replace it with something…something positive.

3. Make a List of Happy Thoughts

This can be in whatever form works best for you; a list of things that bring you joy or puts a smile on your face. It can be your happy place. The point here is to have a ready made ‘list’ to replace the negative thoughts. When we are in the downward spiral of negative thoughts it can be difficult to find the happy ones so be prepared!

4. Develop a Routine

In order to quiet the mind, you must be able to quiet it .. this is not something that happens overnight. What works for me or someone else may not work for you. Find what works for you. It is a process and then it is up to you to make it a practice. Journal, practice mindfulness, take a walk, do visualization exercises, yoga, meditation (guided or use an app), listen to music, chanting, affirmations. Determine what works for you and remember step #1 and #2!

5. Find a High Vibing Tribe or Group

Find someone to help you, a coach, a mentor, a high vibing tribe / group, a spiritual guru, whatever .. don't go down this journey alone!! But, word of caution, find someone that does NOT perpetuate the negative thoughts. Sometimes these people are ones closest to you; they may mean well but it is up to you to limit your time around them as you become the best version of you!

Rae Roach knows what it’s like to be plagued with self-doubt and fear. Following a series of setbacks that left her questioning her own worth, Rae embarked on an intense journey of self-discovery to find her authentic voice. Now through dynamic speaking, writing, healing sessions, and workshops, Rae teaches others how to uncover and embody personal truth and pursue a life of joy and purpose. Find her at raeroach.com or on Instagram @rae_roach.

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