How Are You Investing In Your Health and Balancing Your Life?


By Debra Hlabangana

Think about it.

In life, you need to find balance. From how you handle being a young mother at home with multiple responsibilities, a college student, or a business owner with a hectic load of emails and meetings to attend, you need to maintain a healthy and balanced life in all spheres of your life.

Invest in your health

Below are some effective ways to assist you invest in your health and maintain a balanced life.

1. Get up and move!

This is the cheapest way of getting started. Nothing overrides the mental stability of an individual who wakes up early each morning for a jog or run. I do this on a regular basis and my mornings have been the most productive and effective time to plan for the rest of my day with a clear mindset. You can start now! Exercising does not have to cost a lot. Invest your time in quality exercise. Exercising outside is free, so schedule at least 30 minutes three to four times a week to exercise. Invest your time and you’ll see results. 

2. Mind what you eat

Gardening is a good idea to minimize costs of purchasing healthy food. Create and grow your vegetables in your backyard garden. Healthy living begins with a solid diet and it can be from your garden. Invest your money in quality nutrition. In previous years, I have had bad eating habits that contributed to a low level of concentration in my school work and work in general. I ate a lot of processed and sugary food. Very few vegetables made it to my diet then. However with time and adequate education, I changed my lifestyle because I realized that it was crucial to changing my lifestyle. Now I feel, look, sleep, and think better. It is also wiser to eat healthy by making your own meals instead of eating out at restaurants.

3. Position yourself in environments that elevate you

Your environment or the people you interact with on a daily basis affect a lot of things in your life. Have you ever heard that saying, "You're an average of the five people you spend your day with"? It is fundamental that you stay in check with your surroundings and the energy of that environment. Is your environment adding to your purpose? Is your presence appreciated? Are you constantly questioning your existence around these people? Are your interactions positive and elevating? My mentor Christen Killick inspires me to sit with like-minded people, people who challenge me and force me to level up because most definitely the conversations are better and worthwhile. She challenges me to want more, give more, self educate myself and do what serves my purpose in the long run. Always protect your peace and space.

4. Practice me-time

How often do you pause along your path in life and take time to listen to your body, emotions, spirit, and mind to fully connect with yourself inner self and take a break from constantly overworking? Many times, it's necessary to silence all the noises around you and connect with yourself. I would say be selfish with yourself, however self-care is never selfish. It's a necessity and you deserve it. You can practice it in solitude with a few of your favorite things around you or with loved ones that have the right energy and attitude that you need.

5. Educate yourself

You can be the most powerful individual by incorporating regular self education sessions in your daily lifestyle. Take a look into what makes you come alive and educate yourself about those things. Read more. Liberate your mind. Let it travel beyond your wildest dreams.

6. Minimize your alcohol and smoking intake

Do you know that every single decision you make now affects your health down the road? Are you on the conservative side or you like taking risks? Stop any reckless or addictive behavior and start curing it. It will save you lots of money down the road!

Are you willing to deal with the health consequences of not taking care of yourself now? Are you ready to pay the price? Remember, you're wealthy when you're healthy and investment in your health is one of the best investments you can make.

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