Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur


By Latricia Taylor 

Mother, Wife, Entrepeneur

Many times as women we are taught or believe that if we want to pursue a successful career outside the home we can’t have a family.  However, as we know the time has changed and women are doing more and more outside the home.  Do we still have people who believe it can’t be done? Yes.  However, we have women who are currently doing well at entrepreneurship and raising families.   Therefore, the old thought process is out the window and the new thought process is in full effect.  Women are stronger than ever, we stand at the head of the table in the boardroom, as CEO’s and we’re still able to support our husbands and be there for our children. 

Does it make you less than a Mother or Wife to pursue your dreams?

No ma’am.  Go out and pursue your dreams with confidence and pride. A woman is a mother first and an entrepreneur second, therefore, she will ensure her children are well taken care of and safe before thinking of herself.  As women we are our children protectors and we would want nothing more than to ensure they’re achieving excellence in their life while we work to build a legacy they can take over when they grow up. If you’re an empty nester staying focus on life and business allows you to better position yourself to assist your older children with their dreams as well.

Now as far as being a wife, hopefully, you sat down with your husband and explained to them your hearts desires and what you need from them to pursue your dreams. However, I know when we get married we are told we stand as one. That is true, however, within that one there is two individuals as well and we can’t forget ourselves. Becoming a wife and starting a family does not mean giving up your dreams ever.  They may get put on hold or take longer to achieve but never just give up on them.  In a perfect world a discussion is had prior to marriage but often we don’t find our niche or gift until after marriage so discussion is needed during the marriage.  Communication is the key and in order to receive the support from your husband you must communicate to him what you need from him or how he can help you.  Remember he loves you and although he may not understand what you’re trying to do, he will support you nonetheless. However, there are cases where the husband doesn’t believe in the plan/dream and the support isn’t immediately given. But once you start working and he starts seeing the fruits of your labor, I a sure he will get on board and often become your biggest cheerleader. Remember everyone doesn’t see your vision so it takes reality for him to understand. Marriage is a partnership and in a partnership you want to see each person become the best person they can be and if running a successful business then all partners will agree and support. However, don’t get me wrong I do know some relationships are not like that and they take a little more work to get to the point.  Don’t give up your dreams just work to compromise because you can have it all. 

 What happens when your husband doesn’t support you?

A lot of time we as women are okay with others not supporting our dream because most of the time they don’t matter. However, we expect our husband to support everything we do and when they don’t it become a problem in the marriage. In my personal opinion don’t focus on their support. Focus on how to explain to them your dreams and how what you’re doing is going to benefit the family as well. Take time to explain to them what it is that you do, maybe give them a quick presentation so they can understand your vision and mission. Make sure to include them in the presentation so they understand how they fit in the equation. Allowing your husband to feel like they’re apart of your dream and not an outsider will help get them on board to support you in full.

Now if you have shared with your husband the details of your business, the end goal that includes him and the family. However, he is still upset that the business you’re working on is taking too much time from him. He doesn’t understand that you’re spending more money out than you have coming in right now. For the most part this isn’t a relationship deal breaker just a difference of opinions. Remember you know and see your vision because the vision was given to you, not him. Therefore, you still need to listen to his concerns, provide compromises that work for you both and continue working on your plan. Never give up just prove to him the rewards once the money starts flowing into your business.  Unfortunately, your husband will start to come around when he start seeing the fruits of labor from your hard work.  It will work out don’t throw in the towel on your business or your relationship. Just design a plan and compromise that works for all parties involved and in the end everyone is happy. 

Now I am not saying it will be easy but I am saying you can have it all and don’t allow anyone to tell you different. Anything worth having is worth working hard to obtain and keep.


Latricia N. Taylor is a CEO/Author/Business Consultant. See more at or on her Instagram @lntenterprise. Want to share your thoughts on being a mother while being a CEO? Shoot us an email here!