I Am a Mom Who Stays at Home While Feminism Rises


By Allie Szymanski 

Stay-at-home mom

As a stay-at-home mom, my life consists of dirty diapers and Baby Shark (do do do do do). While my son is asleep, and after I’ve folded laundry, cleaned the house and (finally) taken a shower, I open Instagram to find strong women of all ages out in the world, standing up and fighting for gender equality, spreading #metoo awareness and actively changing the world we live in.

While I’m still wearing the same drool and baby food-covered shirt from yesterday, these women are walking confidently, sporting bold t-shirts that read, “Girls Can Do Anything” and “The Future is Feminine” paired with pretty, flowing skirts, closely resembling the brave women of the ‘60s who so passionately paved the way for us. While I’m sitting in front of my son singing the 35th round of “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” these women are standing in front of hundreds of thousands of people demanding change for today’s women of the world.

As a stay-at-home mom, it is easy to feel left out, pushed aside, insignificant. Not a person, just a mom. It is easy to feel like the undertow of this awesome tidal wave of change so forcefully sweeping across the globe. It was very easy for me, but one day, while at a play space with my son, that all changed. I watched him and a little girl his age standing side-by-side in front of a play kitchen. They took turns mixing, chopping, pouring. They passed pots and pans to each other while creating an imaginary meal together. They were working together as equals and that’s when it hit me. I may not be out rallying, marching, protesting, speaking at conferences, changing the status quo, but I am a mom. I am behind the scenes raising a boy who will one day be a man who will not look at a woman and see someone less than him. A man who will value and appreciate his female counterparts. I am a strong woman changing the future.

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