Dispelling Sex Myths


By Lisange González 

Dispelling Sex Myths

When I started having sex, I wasn’t sure if women could orgasm. I wasn’t sure if I, as a woman, could orgasm because I didn’t climax myself nor did the internet had any clear answers to if women could reach a very high note of pleasure during intercourse. Every article I read came with the same nonsense:  “all women are different,” “they feel sex differently.”

I’m not saying that all women are the same, we are indeed different, but an orgasm is an orgasm and to get there, is basically the same road for all of us and i’m here to break a thousand year old taboo and tell you what you need to try and do to get your hot and steamy climax.  

To achieve the orgasm of your dreams, you need to have a partner with whom you’re completely comfortable with. You can’t be totally relaxed with a person you don’t completely trust and to achieve sexy heaven, you need to be relaxed. With that said, let’s dive in to some sexy and very helpful tips.


I won’t lie, it takes longer for a woman to have an orgasm, so this is when your partner’s patience comes in play and foreplay comes to life. You and/or your partner should stimulate every sensitive part of your body. You need to feel like you have a whole ocean in your underwear (Kidding… but am I really? wink wink). Always remember that sex is where the mind and body start to play different roles. Your mind may be ready for the real action to start, but is your body ready?. Be creative in your foreplay, make it sexy and pleasurable for both of you. Don’t be afraid to say what you like, we’re on 2019! Speak your mind! I’m sure you would even be doing your partner a favor by saying exactly what you want. Your climax is sexy for them as well. Take your time on the foreplay, don’t rush anything. The longer, the better for your orgasm. 


Longer sex. Now, this one may be changeling, especially if your partner is a man (no offense, guys) but it can be done. Personally, I love foreplay, but something about the real stuff stimulates me more and that just can be done with longer intercourse (unless you like toys, but that’ll be an other article). This tip  goes more for your partner; How can I have longer sex? Although it sounds weird, if you’re a man, don’t get so focused on what your feeling, ignore the pleasure you have at that moment. Let your thoughts mingle for a while, that’ll hold your orgasm. Also, you could just feel every little detail,  but when you feel you’re about to climax, hold your horses, chill a while and then go back to business. Women, don’t get scared by this tip, if he stops, your body will still be stimulated so you won’t lose how far you’ve gotten, it’ll be just more sprinkles on your ice cream. 


Kinky sex. As we all know, when we see, feel, hear, touch or sense something that get us into the mood, we’re like 45% there. Now, imagine seeing, feeling, hearing, touching or sensing that something every time during sex? It’ll be something like heaven on earth. Some little details can really get our hearts racing a little bit faster and our blood a little warmer. But, as said before, to get this far, you need to feel 100% comfortable with your partner and that’s something I learned the hard way. 


You need to be stress free. No stress or anger is allowed on Beautiful Orgasm World. Although your brain and body work separately during sex, that doesn’t mean that your mind wont allow your body to have an orgasm. You need to be feeling and enjoying the moment, you can’t trick your body. 


If for whatever reason, you failed tips 1-4, theres still hope for you! Be honest with your partner and tell them that you also want to climax. They have a beautiful tongue and/or fingers to finish what they started. Trust me, you wont regret saying anything and they wont either. 

I love seeing my partner climax, it’s a turn-on for me and I assure you that for your partner will be the same.

Fun fact:  Women can have 2 different type of orgasm. One caused  by the infamous G-Spot and an other caused by a stimulated clitoris. They’re both amazing and different places, but same pleasure. 

Always remember that sex isn’t a task or a job, it’s for love and pleasure and being connected with yourself and your partner. You deserve all the amazing sex you can get, girl! 

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