How to Deal with Heartache


By Natasha Riley

How to Deal with Heartache

I love everything about love. Who doesn’t love…well love? When you fall in love it makes you feel good all over. You think about that person every waking hour and in your sleep. Those butterflies that flutter in your belly every time you see their name flash across your phone…or when you guys have a date. Ohhh the butterflies…

Here is the issue I have with love. It is not guaranteed. Every time we fall in love with a person we take a risk with our heart. I’ve had my fair share of breakups and I tell you that pain is unbearable. It does not matter how many times it happens, it feels like death every time. Over the years I have given myself some essential steps to work through a heartbreak. Now these things may not work for you. It is possible that you need a completely different way to manage your pain. And in no way am I saying that your current relationship is going to fail. All I’m saying is…in everything we do we take a risk.

1. Crying

There is no way for me to get around this first step. A break up is a physical pain in my eyes. It can be felt everywhere. My pain usually goes from the tips of my hair to my dang toes nails. The tears hitting my face is soothing, relieving, and refreshing. With that being said, I give myself 48 hours to cry all the tears I can. It is like I’m emptying myself of everything I could possibly feel inside. “Tears water our growth.” - William Shakespeare

2. Journaling

Once I’m done crying I do some writing. This is almost like another cleansing ritual I use to get everything out. Usually I write a letter to the person who has hurt me. I tell them all the things I wish I could say to there face and express how much pain they caused me. Then I write out a pros and cons list…just to see that I really am doing a lot better without them.

3. Spend Time with Friends

A girls night out never hurt anybody. Let me tell you it helps so much to go out with friends to dance, laugh, and mutually call your ex a dirtbag. This is probably the first time I’ve gotten pretty since the breakup so it definitely helps with the self confidence. I remember what I was before the relationship and that I will be a bad ass even without him. And let me just say some mascara, heels, and a red lip…can make any girl feel fierce.

4. Social Media Decluttering

Let the blocking and deleting begin!!!! I delete every picture we ever had together. The last thing I’m trying to see is the love I no longer have or the happier times that are no more. Ohhh…and he is completely blocked from all lines of social media along with his friends. If you don’t want to be in my life I can make that shit permanent.

Now these steps help, but only time takes away the actual pain. These are the things that I do to manage my sanity. Despite the heartbreaks, don’t give up on love…it is a risk worth taking.

How do you deal with the pain of a heartbreak? Let us know!