The Cuffing Season: Holiday 2018 Edition


By Shan Wright

The Cuffing Season

“You aren’t proposing marriage, you’re just finding a good fit for a few months.”

The holiday parties have begun and the family get togethers are just around the corner. This year, you lucky girl, you get to attend them all with your new boyfriend. He’s cute and smart and after cuffing season is over, you never have to see him again.

Oh wait! You don’t know what cuffing season is? You’ve never heard of “holiday hookups”? Well, cuffing season is that the time of year when singles decide they are interested in coupling up but only for a short period of time. They are “handcuffing” themselves, temporarily, to a partner. Maybe it’s to appease their family and friends or possibly to take care of the need for companionship in the colder months. Whatever it is, you only have to do it for a few months and then you can get back to being happily single again.

It seems that fewer people want to face the holiday gatherings alone. They are tired of the questions about their dating lives or maybe they just want to show up with a plus one. In my family, a plus one buys you a seat at the grown up table, eating off of real china. Maybe you simply want to move from the card table in the kitchen to the big table in the formal dining room. Cuffing season is your time to shine and to keep Aunt Pearl from offering up that homeless man outside of her apartment building…again.

The other perks? Well there is the obvious intimacy perk—if you want to go that route. It’s your season, these are your rules. If you want someone to go out to dinner with or have a movie night with, you can do that. A seasonal boyfriend is the perfect person to see that holiday romcom with. 

If you are just “getting into a relationship” you don’t have to buy an expensive Christmas gift. A small, token gift card at the most is all that’s required. That means more money to buy gifts for yourself. 

So, is it too late to participate in cuffing season this year? Did you miss the grand opening?

Well, you missed the grand opening but no, it’s not too late. October through March is officially cuffing season but there’s no time limit. You can find someone for the middle of December through the first of January if that’s all you need. Maybe you want to secure someone for a decent Valentines Day so you keep them around until the end of February. It’s totally up to you.

If you already have a friend that would look good on your arm, just ask them if they’d like to attend a few parties with you. Remember, you set the rules. It could just be attending two or three gatherings this season or maybe both of you are interested in the friends with benefits plan. You’d be surprised who wouldn’t mind cuddling up with someone special this winter. 

If there aren’t any prospects in your current circle, take a turn on a dating app or two. Stop being so picky, give yourself a few days and make a choice. You aren’t proposing marriage, you’re just finding a good fit for a few months.

And, right as the snow begins to thaw, you can politely bow out of your seasonal relationship. That gives you time to get swimsuit body ready and find your summer boyfriend! 

Or, if things are going well, you could continue on and see where this thing is going.

Because, this is your cuffing season and these are your rules!

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