Explore the World: Bath, England


By Kayla Garritano

the royal crescent

Much of England has a lot of historic beauty and culture distributed throughout the country. One of those places is the city of Bath. Although my time in Bath was short-lived, because we spent only four hours on a tour there, I immediately was grasped by the magnificence of the city.

Bath is the largest city in the ceremonial county of Somerset, England, known for (of course) their Roman-built baths, hot springs, medieval heritage, and stately Georgian Architecture. It is a historic Roman and Georgian spa city.  Bath is in the valley of the River Avon, 97 miles west of London. In 1987, the city became a World-Heritage site, meaning it has been recognized for outstanding international importance and therefore deserves special protection.

Bath, England

So, in a city with so much history, what exactly is there to do?

Well if you’re not there just to take pictures in front of all the beautiful views and architecture, Bath is designed for pleasure and relaxation. The waters are still a big draw, both at the ancient Roman Baths and the thoroughly modern Thermae Bath Spa (which houses the only natural thermal hot springs in Britain you can bathe in).

The city also overflows with places to eat and drink and unique individual shops. They also have a collection of museums and galleries as well as year-round festivals, theater, music and sports.

However, if you are there to immerse yourself in the gorgeousness that surrounds the city, you’ll love the stunning honey-colored architecture. Some ones to acknowledge are the Royal Crescent and majestic circus.

Bath brew house

Bath is about a fifty minute ride away from Stonehenge (that place with all the standing rocks formed in a circle). If you want to see the beauty of both places, I recommended a bus tour. With Stonehenge and Bath a couple hours outside of London, there are bus tours that will take you to both locations in a weekend or a day so you can get a taste of all the historic beauty of each place.

If you’d rather just spend a weekend in Bath, there are also classic hotels that match the deco of the honey-colored designs.

Bath is not a typical vacation spot. When you want less of the hustle and bustle of a big city (such as London), Bath captures the essence of a town with a lot of activity. It’s also not a tropical destination (but you’ve probably figured that out by now). It’s unique and historic, an interesting discovery to add on your adventure list. Bath is unique and a special place to visit, a place everyone should try to experience at least once in their lifetime.

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