Top 7 Things To Do In Amsterdam


By Aline Mardirian 

As someone who loves to travel whenever possible and explore every aspect of a city, I love reading other people’s reviews of places they’ve visited and things they’ve seen. So considering my love for travel, I thought why not compile my own list from my most recent trip to Amsterdam!

Here is my must-see list in the Venice of the North:  

Anne Frank House

1. The Anne Frank House

While most of us read or heard of the story of this Jewish girl during the Holocaust, being able to walk through her house and see where her and her family were hiding out was a mesmerizing experience. We bought the tickets online from their website which was perfect because there was a line outside when we got there. The tour started with a small walk through a gallery where writings and articles from that time period are displayed. Then we proceeded to the actual house where they still had original pieces of newspaper and writing on the walls. It was a bit of a chilling experience walking in that house knowing that was where they had been all those years ago! After the end of the tour, we sat and watched a short movie made about Anne Frank with testimonies from her father and celebrities after which we roamed around the gift shop before making our way out.

2. Canal Cruise

Luckily enough, we were right on one of the main canals when we stepped out of the Anne Frank House. There were several companies whose cruise boats were stationed outside, so we opted for the open-air one. It was very affordable and we got drinks included in the price of the ticket. The guide was very helpful and interactive which made the experience that much more enjoyable! We visited the major locations around Amsterdam and saw the boat houses that are available to stay in on Airbnb (we saw the famous boat house that Snoop Dogg stays in!). We also crossed under the Skinny Bridge. Legend has it that couples who passionately kiss while crossing the skinny bridge over the Amstel River will forever be in love, which of course is a crowd favorite. The entire tour took a little over an hour so we still had plenty of time to explore the rest of the city on foot.

3. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

If you’re anything like me, then you must love weird and unordinary things! From rare artifacts, and optical illusions to a Space Tunnel, this place is bound to tickle your fancy. It has something for everybody and you can easily lose track of time because of all the things there are to see! With every floor you go up, the items get weirder and weirder.  

4. Vondelpark

As the biggest and most famous park in Amsterdam, Vondelpark is definitely a can’t miss! You don’t even need an address if you’re taking an uber or a cab, just tell them Vondelpark and you’re set. We didn’t get a chance to walk a big part of it due to time restrictions, but it was breathtaking. We saw people having picnics, playing frisbee or catch, having coffee, kids riding bikes and some people even sunbathing. For those who love taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, or who love taking their workouts outdoor, this is the place for you. It’s the perfect city escape right in the middle of the city.

 5. Avocado Show

Avocado lovers, this one’s for you! Very close to Vondelpark is this cute little restaurant that is basically every avocado lover’s dream. It’s hard to miss considering the window is covered in adorable avocado stickers! Starting with the aesthetic, it’s probably one of the most Instagram worthy places I’ve ever been to. The setting is a mix of pink and green, with a huge pink neon sign that reads “The Avocado Show” hung on a wall covered in leaves.  Every single item on their menu is made with avocado, literally. We had the Triple Dip Nachos, the Mango Curry Tango and the Salamango. Ranging from sweet to savory, they’ve got something for every taste bud!

Credit: A’DAM Lookout

6. A’DAM Lookout & Swing Over The Edge

There’s no better way to get a 360 degree panoramic view of Amsterdam than at the A’DAM Lookout. We bought our tickets at the counter, which included the Swing Over The Edge and lunch. To begin, our journey started in an elevator ride with the most eye-catching light show you will experience in such a small space. After traveling 20 stories, we got to the rooftop and it was immediately fascinating. The view was breathtaking and there is literally nothing like it. Before going up on the swing, we were asked to leave our bag and phone behind after which they got us settled in a metal swing that fits two, seatbelts and all. Once in the air, we could feel the adrenaline pumping and once it started swinging we literally could not see the ground of the rooftop we were on. We were literally “swinging over the edge”. The whole experience took about a minute and half but it was the longest minute and a half of my life in the best way possible. After we got off, we went down to the Panorama restaurant for our lunch which we got to enjoy with another panoramic view of the city, only this time it was through glass floor-to-ceiling windows. I must say, their food was some of the best I had during the whole trip.

7. Foodhallen

With venues in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, it was my first time hearing of this concept. Their manifesto is all about flavor which you can really see when you enter. The venue is the old tram remise which they turned into a hall where they hold events and a unique food culture. You can think of it as a big venue with small food trucks or kiosks with every type of food you can think of, ranging from ribs to sushi to tacos. Get your order, find a table, dig in and enjoy all the different flavors!

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