Explore the World: Flamingo Beach, Aruba


By Kayla Garritano

Visit Flamingo Beach

If you haven’t been to the beautiful island of Aruba, put it on your travel list. The perfect weather, the friendly people, and the endless amount of activities (drinks included) make for the perfect vacation. 

The sights are breathtaking. The island, as you’d expect, has a large amount of beaches. However, Aruba is technically a “desert” island, not a tropical one. You’d never know, and I think that’s what makes Aruba so unique. There’s just so much history, culture and beauty in the unknown.

But there’s one place so secluded it’s only seen to a select few visitors on the island. Typically, only those staying in a certain resort have access to the small, personal island paradise. That small separate island is called Flamingo Beach.

I had no idea that beach even existed until I stayed at the resort, the Renaissance, located in the town of Oranjestad. The hotel is walking distance of some shops, restaurants, a movie theater, and a casino, all overlooking the glimmering turquoise water.

This was already a nice hotel to stay in given the location. When my family was told there was a private beach we had access to, we thought our vacation couldn’t get any nicer. We were so wrong!

Once the boat sailed us away to the private beach, we stepped foot onto a dock that pointed us in two separate locations; one with a bar, and one without. Which one do you think we chose?

While we’re sipping our piña coladas underneath the tiki hut cooling off from the sun, we heard rumors about the side we decided not sit on.

Flamingos? Of course we had to see for ourselves.

The first thing you see while walking to the opposite side of the island is a small bridge with a food dispenser. You can feed the flamingoes, which was a little exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, because it was crazy to have a flamingo peck at your hand with their gigantic beak!

But it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. How could I not feed one?

I dispensed some food into my hand. Slowly and surely I made my way onto the beach, food clutched in my hand so no pink bird would run up to me. Soon enough I took some of the food and put it in my other hand, got down on my knees to meet eye-level with a flamingo who was strutting its way up to me.

Soon enough, the exquisite creature was literally eating out of the palm of my hand.

Since their beaks are so long, the magnificent bird had to eat sideways, which took away any fear I had, because it seemed too silly but also so sweet.

We were so excited about this experience we went back a few more times before the memorable week ended and continued to feed the flamingos. It was wild seeing a flock of pink, long-legged birds walking around as you tried to tan and enjoy the water, but that’s another reason why the beach is so distinctive.

If you can ever just vacation in Aruba, you’d be a happy traveler. But if you’re able to visit Flamingo Beach, then you’ll be in for an incredible experience. Bon Bini!

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