5 Study Tips for the Ambitious Girl Boss



By Brittany Gould

5 Study Tips

Whether you’re in high school, college, or university, every student can agree that midterm season is stressful. Despite that you may want to hide under the covers with a family-size bag of BBQ chips and watch Shameless all day, you know that you can’t. OK, maybe you can, but not forever. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to buckle down and study. But how can you make such a grueling task even moderately enjoyable? Here are 5 top study tips for the ambitious girl boss:

  1. Don’t be afraid to splurge on some cute pink pens or the (slightly) overpriced Kate Spade day planner. If it’s going to help you reach your ultimate goal regardless if that be graduating, becoming a nurse, lawyer, or social worker—it’s totally worth it! As Ariana would say, “I want it, I got it.”

  2. Studying on the go is a great way to stay productive on break at work, riding the bus home, or between classes. BUT make sure you’ve got a main study spot to come home to and get some real work done each night. This could be your bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc. It doesn’t even need to be your place. Most campuses have libraries that don’t close until midnight!

  3. Hydrate yourself or have a light snack while you do your thing! Ever heard of brain food? It’s harder to focus and retain information if your body doesn’t have what it needs. Keep your favorite water bottle close by so you can sip while you study. You can also keep a healthy snack around as well—some good ones are nuts, raw veggies, or yogurt.

  4. Block out everything else. This is probably the most difficult thing to do. You want to study but your best friend can’t stop texting you about her date last night, your neighbor’s dog just won’t stop barking and you know that 30 minutes from now your laundry will be finished. Seemingly small things can become overwhelming very easily. That’s why it’s best to turn off notifications and plug in to some study music or white noise (you can find hundreds of playlists on Spotify!)

  5. Remember why you’re studying in the first place. Envision your dream. Imagine yourself saving that life, or writing that book. Whatever your dream is, remember how you felt the first time you pictured your future. Walking across the stage and making everyone proud is going to be awesome. It may seem so far away—but really, it isn’t at all.

You got this girl, now go study.

What are your top study tips? Share them with us here!